What do SEVEN and MLK Day have in common?

SEVEN, of course, is about courageous human rights workers–and Martin Luther King was a remarkably courageous hero working for human rights, civil rights, freedom, social justice.  We were honored when SEVEN was chosen to celebrate Martin Luther King Day back in 2008, when the play had its World Premiere at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.  It was a cold, blustery day, and started to snow.  On that blizzard-like evening, we all feared that no one would want to come out to see a play.  But when we arrived at the theatre, there were people lined up to see the show.   The theatre filled up–800 seats!  What a triumph for SEVEN and for the seven female human rights workers we wrote about–many of whom were in attendance that night.   Since then, SEVEN has been around the world….and is still going strong!

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