Kudos to the Mira Costa Cast and Crew of SEVEN!

Director Tracy Williams had a huge vision:  To create a production of SEVEN that captured the various worlds of the women in the play, to show the people and political positions they were up against, and to use everything at her disposal–masks, movement, design elements–to do it.

The production of SEVEN at Mira Costa College in San Diego is unusual in that the play is usually done in very straightforward presentational documentary style.  But this version of SEVEN shows that the play can also be highly theatrical.

To pull off the high spectacle, Tracy worked with a cast of 31 actors–two actors for each woman (one to voice the text and one to provide the movement), plus an ensemble of actors to portray everyone from the protesters and police at the Burntollet March to the press to the jirga to the refugees escaping the Taliban.

Here’s the cast and crew of this amazing production:

Directed by Tracy Williams

Stage Manager  Carol Naegele

Set and Lighting by  Andrew Layton

Costume Design by  Renata Lloyd, Roslyn Lehman

Sound and Projection Design by  Bryon Andersen

Hair and Makeup Design by Grace Chittock

Properties Design by Bonnie Durben

Technical Director   Justin Kidwell

Assistant Director  Tim Cabal

Fight Choreographer  Christopher Williams

Assistant Stage Managers Zachary Elliot, Tyler Christe nsen


Hafsat Abiola   Voice by Sawyer Henderson;  Movement by Courtney Nedelman

Farida Azizi   Voice by Lila Wakili;  Movement by Cassandra Wolff

Anabella de Leon   Voice by Ana Reyes;  Movement by Emily Neifert

Inez McCormack   Voice by Rachael Hodge;  Movement by Kelly Saunders

Mukhtar Mai   Voice by Emily Scibetta;  Movement by Michael Montano

Mu Sochua   Voice by Brianna Russavage;  Movement by Andrea Buller

Marina Pisklakova-Parker  Voice by Lily Thaisz;  Movement by Shane Murphy

The Company:

Brienna Monaghan, Reden Magtira, Donovan Dec, Griffin Satoda, Anthony Kascak, John McCoy, Travis Charron, Justin Carty, Alex Smith, Matthew Abosamra, Joe Prete, Anton Maroun, Geoff Rocha, Thomas Neiman, Dickson Janda, Tim Cabal, Kyle Dowdy

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