Anabella de Leon – On the campaign trail in Guatemala City

Anabella de Leon, one of the extraordinary women featured in SEVEN, is running for mayor of Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Anabela, a member of the Metro Patriotic Party, is campaigning on a platform of  “transformation” or reform, demanding equal rights and protections for all people, including women and children, particularly the poor.    Says one of her supporters, “En la casa, en los mercados, en el barrio, en la esquina, en todos lados se le quiere Anabella de Leon.”  [In the house, in the markets, in the neighborhood, on the corner, everywhere, we want Anabella de Leon.]  Anabella is a perfect representative of her people;  pulling herself up out of poverty, she went to college, earned a law degree, and became a member of congress.   The election will be held on September 6.   Says Anabella, “On the pink ballot, vote for box number 3 for de Leon for Mayor.”



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